Chapter 2 -- Forward -- A Word from The President



Chapter 3 -- A.D.E’s Mission – To Restore Our Good Names



Chapter 4 -- The Importance of a Good Name



Chapter 5 -- Euro-Judaic Myth of the Curse of Black/Dark Skin



Chapter 6 -- Why Won’t Ashkenazi Jews Tell



Chapter 7 -- The Maafa



Chapter 8 -- Losses Suffered by the African Diasporal Community



Chapter 9 -- Importance of Myth's Disclosure



Chapter 10 -- The Ultimate Weapon – Public Character Assassination



Chapter 11 -- Failure to Report Is the Same as Enabling



Chapter 12 -- Scriptures in the Torah That Prohibit Slander



Chapter 13 – Discovery of Babylonian Talmudic/Ashkenazi Jewish Anti-Hamitic/Anti-Black Hatred is No Excuse for Anti-Semitism



Chapter 14 – Babylonian Talmudic, European/Ashkenazi Jewish Racism against Schvartzes Has Not Ended



Chapter 15 -- Babylonian Talmudic Law of Moser



Chapter 16 -- Interview with Harold W. Rosenthal: A New World Order Based on Babylonian Talmudic Treachery and Hatred of Jehovah God, Jesus Christ and Humans



Chapter 17 – Petition to the United Nations Regarding the Ultimate Goal of the Babylonian Talmud -- The Legalization of the Sexualized Disenfranchisement and Murder of Hamitic/African/Black Men and The Gang Rape of Their Children



Chapter 18 -- Cheryl D. Uzamere v. The State of New York – Petition for a Writ of Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court



Chapter 19 -- How You Can Help in Your Community



Chapter 20 – Support African Reparations




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Nameless Scars...Faceless Tears




Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illnesses; Sexual Sadism Disorder Diagnostic Criteria 302.84 (F65.52)


Over a period of at least 6 months, recurrent and intense sexual arousal from the physical or psychological suffering of another person, as manifested by fantasies, urges, or behaviors.


The individual has acted on these sexual urges with a nonconsenting person, or the sexual urges or fantasies cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.


Diagnostic Features


The diagnostic criteria for sexual sadism disorder are intended to apply both to individuals who freely admit to having such paraphilic interests and to those who deny any sexual interest in the physical or psychological suffering of another individual despite substantial objective evidence to the contrary.


...Examples of individuals who deny any interest in the physical or psychological suffering of another individual include individuals known to have inflicted pain or suffering on multiple victims on separate occasions but who deny any urges or fantasies about such sexual behavior and who may further claim that known episodes of sexual assault were either unintentional or nonsexual. Others may admit past episodes of sexual behavior involving the infliction of pain or suffering on a nonconsenting individual but do not report any significant or sustained sexual interest in the physical or psychological suffering of another individual. Since these individuals deny having urges or fantasies involving sexual arousal to pain and suffering, it follows that they would also deny feeling subjectively distressed or socially impaired by such impulses. Such individuals may be diagnosed with sexual sadism disorder despite their negative self-report. Their recurrent behavior constitutes clinical support for the presence of the paraphilia of sexual sadism (by satisfying Criterion A) and simultaneously demonstrates that their paraphilically motivated behavior is causing clinically significant distress, harm, or risk of harm to others (satisfying Criterion B).


"Recurrent" sexual sadism involving nonconsenting others (i.e., multiple victims, each on a separate occasion) may, as general rule, be interpreted as three or more victims on separate occasions. Fewer victims can be interpreted as satisfying this criterion, if there are multiple instances of infliction of pain and suffering to the same victim, or if there is corroborating evidence of a strong or preferential interest in pain and suffering involving multiple victims. Note that multiple victims, as suggested earlier, are a sufficient but not a necessary condition for diagnosis, as the criteria may be met if the individual acknowledges intense sadistic sexual interest.


A person holding a baby

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N.Y. State Lawmaker Apologizes

for Blackface Costume

By Sonia Kennebeck, CNN

Tue February 26, 2013


Story Highlights


·         Brooklyn Democrat Dov Hikind dressed in blackface for a Purim party.


·         He apologized to "anyone who was offended" but added, "that was not the intention."


·         One of his Assembly colleagues calls the apology "a beginning" but inadequate.



The Ashkenazi Jewish Slave Trade was not primarily for cheap labor. The race of the victims was used as an excuse to cover the real goal. The real reason for Ashkenazi-influenced enslavement of Africans (and all other people since) is demonic torture, sex, and murder. The Babylonian Talmud advocates what the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Illnesses, Volume 5 describes as sexual sadism. Unless it is forcibly stopped, this group of people (including non-Ashkenazi members who have aligned themselves with Molech-worshiping members of the Ashkenazim) will not stop torturing, raping, and killing. Like the demons who possess them, they are sex addicts. Without Jehovah-approved force, they will not stop. They will continue to use politics, race, financial issues, and other irrelevant issues in the same manner that all junkies use excuses to hide their addiction. There are no political, religious, social, or other irrelevant issues. They are snuff addicts. Unless they are stopped, they will continue to try to satiate an insatiable appetite for torture, deviant sex, and murder – a parasitic appetite that, if left unchecked, will be the undoing of the entire human race. They are snuff addicts. Nothing more – nothing less.

Jew whipping slave[6]

Ashkenazi sexual sadist achieving climax by using a whip to rape a helpless human being to death.

Jewish control over American slavery #2


Slave  Sale by Levin

Ethiopian Women and Depo Provera

Haaretz Story of Ethiopian Women Given Depo Provera


Israel Steals Kidneys from Haiti

Ethiopians Go Back to Africa
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Eric Garner Alive with Daughter


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NYC Settles Garner Death for 5.9 Million

State Trooper who saw Tawana


Nurse who interviewed Tawana

Tawana Brawley in Hospital

Tawana Crying

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Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery… none but ourselves can free our minds.”


- The Honorable Robert Nesta Marley –





The Maafa

The African Holocaust

          At the website http://www.themaafa.com/about.htm it says that "Maafa is a Kiswahili word used to describe a real calamity, catastrophe, tragedy or disaster. Dr. Marimba Ani introduced it into contemporary African American scholarship as a preferred reference to the period in world history, identified as the Middle Passage or Transatlantic Slave Trade."
          The African slave trade in Western Europe and the Americas was a natural outgrowth of the promulgation of the Judaic myth of the curse of black skin. Once the general white population accepted this myth, Africans suffered both documented and undocumented abuses at the hands of whites, both Christians and Jews.

          Before the introduction of the African slave trade to the Americas, members of the white landed gentry used imported poor white laborers as "indentured servants" (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indentured_servant.) Upon completion of a servant's contracted time period, the servant was released with a certain amount of land. Apparently, landowners balked at continually releasing their land to these bonded laborers. A way had to be discovered to acquire a readily available supply of inexpensive workers in a manner that would not raise the poor white public's ire.

          This would not be an easy task. Poor whites, accustomed to relying on the income of the members of the white landed gentry, would no doubt balk at what they perceived to be an act of disloyalty towards them. Members of the white landed gentry would quite naturally be intimidated at even the slightest prospect that poor whites might use force to challenge their decision to employ inexpensive foreign labor instead of poor local whites.
          Whether or not the European Jewish community intended the final outcome is a matter of conjecture, but the promulgation of the myth of the curse of dark skin served to accomplish the following:

·        It facilitated the enslavement of Africans, thereby producing a virtually "inexhaustible" supply of inexpensive workers;

·        It forcibly relegated African slaves to being an outlet against whom poor whites could express their misplaced anger at having been passed over for employment by rich whites; and,

·        This slanderous myth forcibly relegated African slaves to the position of "pariah", therefore releasing the European Jewish community from the centuries-old oppression it itself had suffered as a pariah at the hands of European Christians. It also made European Jews and European Christians, if not true allies, at least partners in crime.

          African slaves, now the West’s new "pariah" class, suffered mercilessly at the hands of both European Christians and European Jews. African women and female children were routinely raped by their slave owners. African men were forced to stand by helplessly as their women and children were raped over and over again. African men were further emasculated as they helplessly watched white Christian and Jewish slave masters uproot members of their families to other plantations, never to see their family members again. African slaves were whipped at the slightest provocation by their slave masters. African slaves were also left to the devices of poor angry whites, who emotionally ingested the myth of the inferiority of black skin as a means to mollify their own injured pride at having been passed over for employment by their former bosses.

          Incest was not a rare occurrence. Dr. Richard William's book, They Stole It But You Must Return It outlines at least one occurrence where a mother had a son that she dropped in the fire while engaging in housework. Eventually the child was sold to another slave owner. Many years later, unbeknown to the mother, the man was presented to her as a mate. One day, the woman asked the man how he had received the terrible scar to the side of his face. The man replied that when he was little, his mother dropped him in the fire. The woman, realizing that the man was her son, fainted.

          African slaves were routinely whipped, sometimes to the point of death, if only to establish the doctrine of white supremacy. Oftentimes African slaves were malnourished and improperly clothed for the cold weather to which they were not accustomed.

          During the Middle Passage, millions of Africans died. According to the website http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maafa, the number of Africans slaves who died during the Middle Passage was underestimated. This site states that the number of African slaves who died is anywhere between 40 million and 100 million. African slaves were routinely thrown off ships when rations were tight, or in order for white slavers to outwit insurance providers.

          The Maafa did not end with the Emancipation Proclamation. The website http://www.blackwallstreet.freeservers.com gives accounts of several African diasporal towns that were firebombed and burned to the ground by white mobs. For example:

·        The Tulsa Race Riot of May 31, 1921, where 36 square blocks of African-owned homes, churches, schools and businesses were fired bombed. Hundreds of African Americans were killed;

·        The massacre in Rosewood, Florida in January 1923;

·        The East St. Louis massacre on July 1, 1917.

·        According to the website mentioned above, "between 1824 and 1951 there were over 300 events classified as "White Race Riots" in which entire white communities turned on and destroyed entire Black communities and murdered Blacks in mass." Many of these towns have not been rebuilt in a manner that would reflect their past successes.

          From the time of the enslavement of Africans, up to and including the 20th century, diasporal Africans were routinely lynched by white mobs. Many were lynched and burned while genteel white women and innocent white children looked on in sadistic glee.  The website http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/aap/aapmob.html states that "in the South, lynching was one of the terrorist tactics used to control and threaten the African-American. Between 1889 and 1918, a total of 2,522 black Americans were lynched, 50 of them women. These people were hanged, burned alive, or hacked to death." African American men were also hanged and had their genitals hacked off.

          During the early and middle part of the 20th century, the United States, like South Africa, was an apartheid government. Segregation abounded in neighborhoods, schools, churches and employment. The Jewish myth of the inferiority of black skin adversely affected African people's ability to comfortably ride a bus, use a public bathroom and sip water from a public water fountain or vote. African employees were routinely underpaid.

          The website http://www.jewishtribalreview.org/exploit.htm speaks of the exploitation of African Americans by European Jews. It goes on to explain that on the eve of the Depression, "more than half of working Black women and a quarter of working Black men were servants. In the 1930s, when most Black women were unemployed because of the Depression, on certain corners of the Bronx there existed what was called the Bronx Slave Market. Black women gathered at 8 AM, rain or shine, summer or winter, hoping to be hired by Bronx women to do housework for fifteen to thirty cents an hour. Most of these housewives were Jewish; business was best before the Jewish holidays ... Most middle-class Jews grew up with the 'schvartze' (literally, 'black,' but actually 'nigger') who came to clean once or twice a week. She never really had a name; she was always the 'schvartze.' Women used to ask each other, 'Is your schvartze free on Thursday? My schvartze didn't come in this week."

          In the United States, as in Western Europe and Africa, the Jewish myth of the inferiority of black skin still permeates the minds of the public. An insidious racism still exists in the souls of many white people. Although many swear that they are always politically correct with others and tolerant of other races and ethnic groups, most whites live in neighborhoods where blacks, even middle-class or affluent blacks, have not been able to live or start businesses. Furthermore, although most whites spend a considerable portion of their monies with members of their own ethnic groups, blacks spend most of their monies with individuals and businesses outside of their ethnic groups.

          America’s oppression of African/black/dark-skinned people has not ended. The European-Jewish doctrine regarding the curse of Ham/Canaan has found its way into American society. There exists a plethora of evidence to support this.

          One tenet of the African Reparations movement is to legally mandate corporate conglomerates with ties to the enslavement of Africans to disclose those ties. Many of these conglomerates, whose presidents or chief executive officers are whites, are loath to remove their “caring for people” façade to expose their real covering -- corporate greed that hundreds of years ago, was the engine that powered their oppressive enslavement of Africans. Africans’ right to know the full history of U.S. corporations’ hatred, enslavement and oppression towards them is not important to them. These corporations are as oppressive in their desire not to educate Africans of the Maafa as they were when they supported their right not to educate enslaved Africans.

          Some U.S. government representatives, as well as some members of the modern-day European Jewish community are not so far removed from the practice of oppressing Africans. Once such experience took place over the course of a few years. Dr. Peggy K. Pearlstein, of the United States Library of Congress and Alex Beckles of Congressman Edolphus Towns’ office was contacted regarding the book Artsot Ha Hayyim. This book is written in Hebrew in 1992. On page 52 of the book, it states that Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy were killed because of their positive attitudes towards black people and that anyone who adopts a progressive attitude toward black people will suffer the same fate because blacks are meant to be enslaved.

          Sharon Horowitz was first contacted regarding this book. When Ms. Horowitz was asked if she could speak Hebrew, she answered in the affirmative. Ms. Horowitz sent what was believed to be 52A and 52B of the book. Ms. Horowitz went so far as to write “page 52 Side A” and “page 52 Side B” on the pages she mailed. Afterwards, a visit was paid to the Manhattan Public Library’s Dorot Jewish section where a librarian was asked to get the book. When the librarian was shown the pages received from Ms. Horowitz, the librarian laughed and said that the pages were 42A and 42B, not pages 52A and 52B. (Please see pages 42 A and B on which Ms. Horowitz wrote "Page 52 side A" and Page 52 side B" below.)

          The librarian said she had the book and went to get it. When she returned, she said she did not have it. Later, a complaint was made to an official of the library, stating that the Dorot Section was withholding the book because of the damning information it contained. The following day, pages 52A and 52B were faxed from the Manhattan Public Library. When Ms. Horowitz was contacted and presented with proof that she lied about pages 42 A and B, she also faxed what appeared to be page 52 A and B. Upon comparing the faxed pages from the Manhattan Public Library and the Library of Congress, the pages were finally found to be identical.

          The last attempt at having the book translated was with Dr. Peggy Pearlstein of the Library of Congress. Like Ms. Horowitz and the Jewish librarians at the Manhattan Public Library, Dr. Pearlstein mounted the same resistance. Dr. Pearlstein refused, stating that the Library of Congress only translates for congresspersons and their staff. According to Alex Beckles of Congressman Edolphus Towns’ office, he contacted the Library of Congress to request to have the book translated. As of the date of this website's latest revision, neither Congressman Towns’ nor the Library of Congress has provided a translated copy of the book Artsot Ha-Hayyim.

          Once can safely assume that U.S.-based multimillion-dollar corporate conglomerates that receive federal funding and U.S. agencies like the Library of Congress that have Jewish reference materials that point to the European-Jewish community’s oppression of Africans will continue to oppress Africans by withholding information regarding their involvement in the African slave trade. Their past refusal to educate present-day Africans regarding their debauched involvement in the defamation, kidnapping, murder, rape, starvation, failure to fairly financially compensate for work performed, failure to educate, failure to maintain accurate family names, languages and cultures and the failure to protect the human rights of Africans has translated into modern-day oppression. This oppression includes, but is not limited to neighborhoods where Africans are shot and killed by white police officers for having a wallet that looked like a gun; for having a mysterious, unidentifiable person who said “gun,” and for having no gun or open air that looked like a gun. African diasporal neighborhoods are ravished by poor performing schools that have little to no supplies, peeling paint and poorly kept schools while unionized teachers are given regular raises to their salaries. In many corporations, there still exists the disparity in salary between Africans and whites who perform the same jobs.

          The oppression of dark-skinned people is not limited to the United States. The current war in Iraq, tooted by the government as an attempt to “bring democracy to the region” is nothing more than the wishes of white-controlled U.S./European countries to control the flow of oil. That thousands of dark-skinned Iraqis are dying as a result of this war is of no consequence to the United States. No sooner was Iraq’s former head Saddam Hussein found guilty than there was discovered a new “number 2” person found – yet another dark-skinned individual whom the United States can defame to hide to its white supremacist intentions and its inability to curtail its own greed. Dark-skinned Iraqis are held in detention centers in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where they virtually have no rights. Many of these prisoners have been abused by U.S. soldiers -- most of whom are white.

          The American media's defamatory portrayal of non-white heads of state who have successfully rebuffed the advances of white countries is not new. Kim Jung Il of North Korea – axis of evil; Hugo Chavez of Venezuela – axis of evil; Fidel Castro of Cuba – axis of evil; Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe – axis of evil; Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran – axis of evil – the parade of non-white heads of state whose countries the United States and Europe cannot easily overthrow and suck dry like African slaves continues to grow, as does the oppression of dark-skinned people, who whether they surrender or fight, have never been able to thwart the wicked machinations of white supremacists.

          It is clear that the Maafa has not yet ended. Clear proof of this is the European Jewish community's impelling the governments of some European countries to promulgate laws making it illegal to deny the Jewish Holocaust. European Jewish corporate bodies like the Anti-Defamation League exist to protect the history of Jewish suffering. However, no such laws or institutions exist to document the European Jewish community's involvement in the African Holocaust. There exists firsthand knowledge of the refusal of the Anti-Defamation League's president, Abraham H. Foxman to engage in any discussion regarding the European Jewish community's involvement in the promulgation of the slanderous myth regarding the curse of black skin, and its subsequent involvement in the African slave trade. Elie Wiesel, a Jewish Holocaust survivor perceived by the public to be a champion for human rights, when contacted regarding the slanderous Jewish myths that precipitated the oppressive Maafa, offered no comment.

          Even the white Christian majority, most of who appear superficially not to discriminate, openly discriminate against Africans in that they are completely unsupportive of diasporal Africans' righteous demands for reparations. Even in the face of mounting evidence that there are reparations granted to formerly oppressed people such as: the granting of both land and money to the Inuit (Eskimo) people, Japan's granting monies to Korean women who had been raped by Japanese soldiers, the massive amounts of money granted to post-WWII Jews who were victims of the Holocaust and countless others, the United States government uses the media's ability to exacerbate white people's Jewish-religiously-fomented hatred of African people to avoid making reparations.

          Up until the present time, some whites still play a role in preventing the dissemination of the African Holocaust. Daniel Sullivan, the Vice President and General Counsel of Lycos, refused to explain why the original website concerning this subject was removed (http://africandiasporal.tripod.com/). It was not until several weeks after Lycos removed the site that the reason for the site's removal was discovered -- because it showed images of black men in various stages of having been lynched by whites during centuries-old African Holocaust.
          Would Lycos have removed a similar site had it shown photos of Jews during their holocaust? While it will never be known for sure, one can safely surmise that a lot more leeway would have been given to them to disseminate information regarding their holocaust – including photographs, no matter how gruesome.

          Due in great part to the white public's Jewish religiously-fomented intolerance of black skin, the Maafa is subjected to all forms of deformation and denial. Most recent of these is blame reassignment and statistical downsizing of the numbers of African slaves who were trafficked and who died.

          Does the continued existence of the Maafa mean that the Jewish slander that was launched against Africans so long ago still exists? If the answer is in the affirmative, what has the African diasporal community lost as a result of the Jewish religiously-fomented slanderous myth regarding the inferiority of black skin?




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