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Chapter 3 -- A.D.E’s Mission – To Restore Our Good Names



Chapter 4 -- The Importance of a Good Name



Chapter 5 -- Euro-Judaic Myth of the Curse of Black/Dark Skin



Chapter 6 -- Why Won’t Ashkenazi Jews Tell



Chapter 7 -- The Maafa



Chapter 8 -- Losses Suffered by the African Diasporal Community



Chapter 9 -- Importance of Myth's Disclosure



Chapter 10 -- The Ultimate Weapon – Public Character Assassination



Chapter 11 -- Failure to Report Is the Same as Enabling



Chapter 12 -- Scriptures in the Torah That Prohibit Slander



Chapter 13 – Discovery of Babylonian Talmudic/Ashkenazi Jewish Anti-Hamitic/Anti-Black Hatred is No Excuse for Anti-Semitism



Chapter 14 – Babylonian Talmudic, European/Ashkenazi Jewish Racism against Schvartzes Has Not Ended



Chapter 15 -- Babylonian Talmudic Law of Moser



Chapter 16 -- Interview with Harold W. Rosenthal: A New World Order Based on Babylonian Talmudic Treachery and Hatred of Jehovah God, Jesus Christ and Humans



Chapter 17 – Petition to the United Nations Regarding the Ultimate Goal of the Babylonian Talmud -- The Legalization of the Sexualized Disenfranchisement and Murder of Hamitic/African/Black Men and The Gang Rape of Their Children



Chapter 18 -- Cheryl D. Uzamere v. The State of New York – Petition for a Writ of Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court



Chapter 19 -- How You Can Help in Your Community



Chapter 20 – Support African Reparations




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Nameless Scars...Faceless Tears




Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illnesses; Sexual Sadism Disorder Diagnostic Criteria 302.84 (F65.52)


Over a period of at least 6 months, recurrent and intense sexual arousal from the physical or psychological suffering of another person, as manifested by fantasies, urges, or behaviors.


The individual has acted on these sexual urges with a nonconsenting person, or the sexual urges or fantasies cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.


Diagnostic Features


The diagnostic criteria for sexual sadism disorder are intended to apply both to individuals who freely admit to having such paraphilic interests and to those who deny any sexual interest in the physical or psychological suffering of another individual despite substantial objective evidence to the contrary.


...Examples of individuals who deny any interest in the physical or psychological suffering of another individual include individuals known to have inflicted pain or suffering on multiple victims on separate occasions but who deny any urges or fantasies about such sexual behavior and who may further claim that known episodes of sexual assault were either unintentional or nonsexual. Others may admit past episodes of sexual behavior involving the infliction of pain or suffering on a nonconsenting individual but do not report any significant or sustained sexual interest in the physical or psychological suffering of another individual. Since these individuals deny having urges or fantasies involving sexual arousal to pain and suffering, it follows that they would also deny feeling subjectively distressed or socially impaired by such impulses. Such individuals may be diagnosed with sexual sadism disorder despite their negative self-report. Their recurrent behavior constitutes clinical support for the presence of the paraphilia of sexual sadism (by satisfying Criterion A) and simultaneously demonstrates that their paraphilically motivated behavior is causing clinically significant distress, harm, or risk of harm to others (satisfying Criterion B).


"Recurrent" sexual sadism involving nonconsenting others (i.e., multiple victims, each on a separate occasion) may, as general rule, be interpreted as three or more victims on separate occasions. Fewer victims can be interpreted as satisfying this criterion, if there are multiple instances of infliction of pain and suffering to the same victim, or if there is corroborating evidence of a strong or preferential interest in pain and suffering involving multiple victims. Note that multiple victims, as suggested earlier, are a sufficient but not a necessary condition for diagnosis, as the criteria may be met if the individual acknowledges intense sadistic sexual interest.


A person holding a baby

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N.Y. State Lawmaker Apologizes

for Blackface Costume

By Sonia Kennebeck, CNN

Tue February 26, 2013


Story Highlights


·         Brooklyn Democrat Dov Hikind dressed in blackface for a Purim party.


·         He apologized to "anyone who was offended" but added, "that was not the intention."


·         One of his Assembly colleagues calls the apology "a beginning" but inadequate.



The Ashkenazi Jewish Slave Trade was not primarily for cheap labor. The race of the victims was used as an excuse to cover the real goal. The real reason for Ashkenazi-influenced enslavement of Africans (and all other people since) is demonic torture, sex, and murder. The Babylonian Talmud advocates what the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Illnesses, Volume 5 describes as sexual sadism. Unless it is forcibly stopped, this group of people (including non-Ashkenazi members who have aligned themselves with Molech-worshiping members of the Ashkenazim) will not stop torturing, raping, and killing. Like the demons who possess them, they are sex addicts. Without Jehovah-approved force, they will not stop. They will continue to use politics, race, financial issues, and other irrelevant issues in the same manner that all junkies use excuses to hide their addiction. There are no political, religious, social, or other irrelevant issues. They are snuff addicts. Unless they are stopped, they will continue to try to satiate an insatiable appetite for torture, deviant sex, and murder – a parasitic appetite that, if left unchecked, will be the undoing of the entire human race. They are snuff addicts. Nothing more – nothing less.

Jew whipping slave[6]

Ashkenazi sexual sadist achieving climax by using a whip to rape a helpless human being to death.

Jewish control over American slavery #2


Slave  Sale by Levin

Ethiopian Women and Depo Provera

Haaretz Story of Ethiopian Women Given Depo Provera


Israel Steals Kidneys from Haiti

Ethiopians Go Back to Africa
Baltimore Is Here
Israelizing the Police

Amadou Diallo -- 41 Shots

Freddie Gray

Freddie Gray dragged (2)

Freddie Gray in Hospital


Sean Bell 50 Shots

Sean Bell Funeral

Rodney King and Police Assault


Eric Garner Alive with Daughter


Eric Garner Chokehold

Eric Garner Dead


Eric Garner Funeral


NYC Settles Garner Death for 5.9 Million

State Trooper who saw Tawana


Nurse who interviewed Tawana

Tawana Brawley in Hospital

Tawana Crying

C._Vernon_Mason (2)




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Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery… none but ourselves can free our minds.”


- The Honorable Robert Nesta Marley –





Myth of the Curse of Black/Dark Skin...

What is its basis?

        Anti-black racism is seen, at least superficially as a societal scourge that has all but been eradicated from mainstream American and Western European societies. Sure, there are a few die-hard individuals, mostly displayed by the media as KKK or Neo-Nazi white Christian splinter groups that routinely preach the inferiority of dark skin to their members. The media, in its depiction of racists, always points to white Christians as the individuals who introduced the idea of white supremacy and the inferiority of dark-skinned Africans to mainstream white Christian society. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

                The Babylonian Talmud, a book of European Jewish history and lore, explains its now centuries-old religiously-fomented rationalization of the inferiority of dark skin on page 108b, where it reads: "Our Rabbis taught: Three copulated in the ark, and they were all punished - the dog, the raven and Ham. The dog was doomed to be tied, the raven expectorates [his seed into his mate's mouth], and Ham was smitten in his skin." (This is footnoted, and the footnote reads: "I.e., from him was descended Cush (the Negro), who is black-skinned."

        Another European Jewish document, the Midrash Rabbah (Soncino) Vol. 1, p. 293 says: "AND HE SAID: CURSED BE CANAAN (Breishit 9:25): (Commentary omitted)...R. Huna also said in R. Joseph's name: You [i.e. Noah is speaking to Ham) have prevented me from doing something in the dark [i.e. cohabiting with his wife], therefore your seed will be ugly and dark-skinned. R. Chiyya said: Ham and the dog copulated in the Ark therefore, Ham came forth black-skinned while the dog publicly exposed its copulation."

        Mr. Lester, a Jewish man who posted comments on the internet regarding Judaism said the following regarding the book Artsot Ha Hayyim: "In 1992 a book was published by a leading member of the Satmar community entitled Artsot Ha-Hayyim. On p. 52 he explains, and quotes other rabbis, that the reason Abraham Lincoln was killed was because he freed the blacks. This is also the reason why Kennedy was killed, i.e. because he was good to the blacks. He continues by saying that this will be the fate of any who adopt a progressive attitude towards blacks, because they are meant to be enslaved. His source for this is Ham's curse." (Please see pages 52A and 52B of Artsot Ha-Hayyim, below.)

        Artsot Ha Hayyim contains the names of many rabbis.

        Louis Ginzberg authored the book Legends of the Jews. In Vol. 1, page 169 Mr. Ginzberg writes: "The descendants of Ham through Canaan therefore have red eyes, because Ham looked upon the nakedness of his father; they have misshapen lips, because Ham spoke with his lips to his brothers about the unseemly condition of his father; they have twisted curly hair, because Ham turned and twisted his head round to see the nakedness of his father; and they go about naked, because Ham did not cover the nakedness of his father. Thus he was requited, for it is the way of G-d to mete out punishment measure for measure. ...The last will and testament of Canaan addressed to his children read as follows: "Speak not the truth; hold not yourselves aloof from theft; lead a dissolute life; hate your master with an exceeding great hate; and love one another."

        The Torah Anthology, another European Jewish document, details the true origin of the slanderous belief of the inferiority of dark skin in Vol. 1, p. 392-3: "Ham received five punishments: 1. Because he looked at his naked father, his eyes became red, always appearing bloodshot. 2. Because he mockingly told his brothers about his father's condition, his lips were made thick and gross, like those of a Negro. 3. Because he turned his head to see his father, the hair of his head and beard became kinky. 4. Because he did not cover his father, it was decreed that he always go naked. We thus see that slaves in Egypt go naked. They even did so in Egypt. This was not because of poverty since it is impossible to imagine that none of them would have enough money to buy clothing. The reason is that they live in a hot, damp climate, and it is uncomfortable to wear clothing. The reason for this is their geographical location since the Hamitic tribes live in tropical climes. It was this curse that caused them to live there. They must therefore go naked and become blackened by the sun. The fifth curse will be discussed later."

        At this website, Mr. Lester goes on to say: "The curse of Ham was something I learned of as a child and could not understand its origin from the words in Genesis. The curse of Ham was widely used by slave owners in the South to justify the enslavement of blacks. In my studies of slavery, I was unable to find the basis. Only when I began studying Torah and various commentaries did I find the source. Somehow the rabbinic commentaries made their way into Christian culture and became an underpinning for anti-black racism."
        Mr. Shapiro, a Jewish man who responded to Mr. Lester's post ends by saying: "How to defeat racism? Torah is obviously not the answer since so many Jews who spend their whole lives immersed in Torah are racists."

        It does not make sense to believe that any Christian, white, black or green, would or could introduce to the world any religious concept based on the first book of the Bible. The first book of the Bible was written in Hebrew. Religious teachings based on this book would best come from individuals who speak Hebrew. White Christians, for the most part, do not speak Hebrew. European Jews, on the other hand, do.

        According to the Encyclopedia Judaica, under the subtitle "Slavery", Spanish and Portuguese Jews acted as brokers during the African slave trade.

        The European Jewish community (in particular its rabbis) had the religious knowledge and authority to disseminate both truth and falsehood in the name of God and the Torah. Using this position of authority to profit financially was the real reason for the promulgation of the defamatory religious myth. This defamatory religious myth resulted in the creation of specific types of bigotry: anti-African racism, anti-black racism, anti-Hamitic racism, anti-Cushitic racism and anti-Canaanite racism.

        How did the victims of this Jewish religiously-fomented anti-black slander affect African slaves and their progeny?




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