Chapter 2 -- Forward -- A Word from The President



Chapter 3 -- A.D.E’s Mission – To Restore Our Good Names



Chapter 4 -- The Importance of a Good Name



Chapter 5 -- Euro-Judaic Myth of the Curse of Black/Dark Skin



Chapter 6 -- Why Won’t Ashkenazi Jews Tell



Chapter 7 -- The Maafa



Chapter 8 -- Losses Suffered by the African Diasporal Community



Chapter 9 -- Importance of Myth's Disclosure



Chapter 10 -- The Ultimate Weapon – Public Character Assassination



Chapter 11 -- Failure to Report Is the Same as Enabling



Chapter 12 -- Scriptures in the Torah That Prohibit Slander



Chapter 13 – Discovery of Babylonian Talmudic/Ashkenazi Jewish Anti-Hamitic/Anti-Black Hatred is No Excuse for Anti-Semitism



Chapter 14 – Babylonian Talmudic, European/Ashkenazi Jewish Racism against Schvartzes Has Not Ended



Chapter 15 -- Babylonian Talmudic Law of Moser



Chapter 16 -- Interview with Harold W. Rosenthal: A New World Order Based on Babylonian Talmudic Treachery and Hatred of Jehovah God, Jesus Christ and Humans



Chapter 17 – Petition to the United Nations Regarding the Ultimate Goal of the Babylonian Talmud -- The Legalization of the Sexualized Disenfranchisement and Murder of Hamitic/African/Black Men and The Gang Rape of Their Children



Chapter 18 -- Cheryl D. Uzamere v. The State of New York – Petition for a Writ of Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court



Chapter 19 -- How You Can Help in Your Community



Chapter 20 – Support African Reparations




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Nameless Scars...Faceless Tears




Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illnesses; Sexual Sadism Disorder Diagnostic Criteria 302.84 (F65.52)


Over a period of at least 6 months, recurrent and intense sexual arousal from the physical or psychological suffering of another person, as manifested by fantasies, urges, or behaviors.


The individual has acted on these sexual urges with a nonconsenting person, or the sexual urges or fantasies cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.


Diagnostic Features


The diagnostic criteria for sexual sadism disorder are intended to apply both to individuals who freely admit to having such paraphilic interests and to those who deny any sexual interest in the physical or psychological suffering of another individual despite substantial objective evidence to the contrary.


...Examples of individuals who deny any interest in the physical or psychological suffering of another individual include individuals known to have inflicted pain or suffering on multiple victims on separate occasions but who deny any urges or fantasies about such sexual behavior and who may further claim that known episodes of sexual assault were either unintentional or nonsexual. Others may admit past episodes of sexual behavior involving the infliction of pain or suffering on a nonconsenting individual but do not report any significant or sustained sexual interest in the physical or psychological suffering of another individual. Since these individuals deny having urges or fantasies involving sexual arousal to pain and suffering, it follows that they would also deny feeling subjectively distressed or socially impaired by such impulses. Such individuals may be diagnosed with sexual sadism disorder despite their negative self-report. Their recurrent behavior constitutes clinical support for the presence of the paraphilia of sexual sadism (by satisfying Criterion A) and simultaneously demonstrates that their paraphilically motivated behavior is causing clinically significant distress, harm, or risk of harm to others (satisfying Criterion B).


"Recurrent" sexual sadism involving nonconsenting others (i.e., multiple victims, each on a separate occasion) may, as general rule, be interpreted as three or more victims on separate occasions. Fewer victims can be interpreted as satisfying this criterion, if there are multiple instances of infliction of pain and suffering to the same victim, or if there is corroborating evidence of a strong or preferential interest in pain and suffering involving multiple victims. Note that multiple victims, as suggested earlier, are a sufficient but not a necessary condition for diagnosis, as the criteria may be met if the individual acknowledges intense sadistic sexual interest.


A person holding a baby

Description generated with high confidence


N.Y. State Lawmaker Apologizes

for Blackface Costume

By Sonia Kennebeck, CNN

Tue February 26, 2013


Story Highlights


·         Brooklyn Democrat Dov Hikind dressed in blackface for a Purim party.


·         He apologized to "anyone who was offended" but added, "that was not the intention."


·         One of his Assembly colleagues calls the apology "a beginning" but inadequate.



The Ashkenazi Jewish Slave Trade was not primarily for cheap labor. The race of the victims was used as an excuse to cover the real goal. The real reason for Ashkenazi-influenced enslavement of Africans (and all other people since) is demonic torture, sex, and murder. The Babylonian Talmud advocates what the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Illnesses, Volume 5 describes as sexual sadism. Unless it is forcibly stopped, this group of people (including non-Ashkenazi members who have aligned themselves with Molech-worshiping members of the Ashkenazim) will not stop torturing, raping, and killing. Like the demons who possess them, they are sex addicts. Without Jehovah-approved force, they will not stop. They will continue to use politics, race, financial issues, and other irrelevant issues in the same manner that all junkies use excuses to hide their addiction. There are no political, religious, social, or other irrelevant issues. They are snuff addicts. Unless they are stopped, they will continue to try to satiate an insatiable appetite for torture, deviant sex, and murder – a parasitic appetite that, if left unchecked, will be the undoing of the entire human race. They are snuff addicts. Nothing more – nothing less.

Jew whipping slave[6]

Ashkenazi sexual sadist achieving climax by using a whip to rape a helpless human being to death.

Jewish control over American slavery #2


Slave  Sale by Levin

Ethiopian Women and Depo Provera

Haaretz Story of Ethiopian Women Given Depo Provera


Israel Steals Kidneys from Haiti

Ethiopians Go Back to Africa
Baltimore Is Here
Israelizing the Police

Amadou Diallo -- 41 Shots

Freddie Gray

Freddie Gray dragged (2)

Freddie Gray in Hospital


Sean Bell 50 Shots

Sean Bell Funeral

Rodney King and Police Assault


Eric Garner Alive with Daughter


Eric Garner Chokehold

Eric Garner Dead


Eric Garner Funeral


NYC Settles Garner Death for 5.9 Million

State Trooper who saw Tawana


Nurse who interviewed Tawana

Tawana Brawley in Hospital

Tawana Crying

C._Vernon_Mason (2)




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Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery… none but ourselves can free our minds.”


- The Honorable Robert Nesta Marley –







Learn The "Ultimate Weapon" -- Public Character Assassination

          Unknown to the great majority of Africans, a small segment of the European Jewish community keeps tabs on the African community. Although the public understands the Jewish community's right to keep tabs on known anti-Semites, in the case of African Americans, this small segment finds it necessary to analyze the thought patterns of all African Americans. If this segment finds something with which it disagrees, the entity against which the spying is directed is oftentimes subjected to some form of negative publicity.


          Abraham H. Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League reportedly conducted a survey's called the Index of Anti-Semitic Belief. According to this survey, "one segment of American society, Jew-hatred is still strong among African-Americans." Furthermore, it states that 34% of black Americans fit into the ADL's category of most anti-Semitic" and that "34 percent of black Americans fit into the ADL's category of most anti-Semitic. That is compared to only 9 percent of the general population."


          This segment's desire to keep tabs on African Americans has translated itself into spying, sometimes to the point of violating the law. Robert I. Friedman, a writer with the Village Voice wrote an article regarding a man named Roy Bullock. Roy Bullock was paid by the Anti-Defamation League to spy on various organizations. Although some of these organization may have been anti-Semitic in nature, not all of them were. Regarding the ADL's spying activities writer Robert Friedman says: Over a 30-year period, he (ADL spy Roy Bullock) compiled computer files for the ADL on 9876 individuals and more than 950 groups of all political stripes, including the NAACP, the Rainbow Coalition, ACLU, the American Indian Movement, the Center for Investigative Reporting, Pacifica, ACT UP, Palestinian and Arab groups, Sandinista solidarity groups, Americans for Peace Now, and antiapartheid organizations. Bullock, who even spied on the recently slain South African nationalist Chris Hani when he visited the Bay Area in April 1991, sold many of his ADL files on antiapartheid activists to South African intelligence. Meanwhile, between 1985 and 1993, the ADL paid him nearly $170,000, using a prominent Beverly Hills attorney as a conduit in order to conceal its financial relationship with Bullock."


          The article goes on to say: "The ADL swung sharply to the right during the Reagan administration, becoming a bastion of neoconservatism. To Irwin Suall, a repentant Trotskyite who heads the ADL's powerful Fact Finding Department, the real danger to Jews is posed not by the right -- but by a coalition of leftists, blacks, and Arabs, who in his view threaten the fabric of democracy in America, as well as the state of Israel ... For years, journalists and liberal members of the Jewish community knew the ADL spied on right-wing hate groups. As long as the targets were anti-Semitic organizations like the Liberty Lobby and Lyndon Larouche, no one seemed to be particularly troubled. But the Bullock case reveals that the ADL also spied on groups that have a nonviolent, and progressive orientation. This apparent massive violation of civil liberties may end with the ADL's criminal indictment in San Francisco, where the investigation began. The human rights group faces possible criminal prosecution on as many as 48 felony counts, including an indictment for gaining illegal access to police computers."1


          According to Mr. Friedman, the ADL also engaged in a smear campaign against respected intellectuals and Middle East scholars who disagreed with its political views by blacklisting them, thereby smearing their reputations. He states that many believe that the ADL is increasingly in the defamation business. Some victims of ADL's smear campaigns include Jesse Jackson, James Abourezk and the leaders of the New Jewish Agenda.


          Another Jewish organization that engaged in spying on African Americans is AIPAC, an influential pro-Israel lobbying group. In an article written by Calev Ben-David of the Jerusalem Post it says: In 1988, the investigative show 60 Minutes ran a critical piece on AIPAC using information supplied by its former communications director (and ex-Jerusalem Post reporter) Barbara Amouyal. Among the material supplied by Amouyal was an internal memo suggesting that the media be fed stories regarding Jesse Jackson's private life.


          Counterpunch, another news organization reported on the spying activities of the Anti-Defamation League. In the article entitled" Were the Spies "Journalists? The ADL Snoops," dated January 23, 2002 it says: "The organization's main 'fact-finder' was doubling as a spy for the white South African government while his buddy, a San Francisco cop who had tutored El Salvadoran death squads on the finer aspects of torture, was providing its officials with personal information on the organization's putative enemies when the story broke in San Francisco in December, 1992. The organization was the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL claims to be the nation's leading defender against prejudice and bigotry but in this instance its targets were members of the African National Congress and its supporters, and apparently everyone, Arab and non-Arab, who had the temerity to criticize Israel. This included some who drove to Arab community events where the ADL's 'fact-finder,' Roy Bullock, and the cop, Tom Gerard, took turns writing down their license plate numbers, which Gerard turned into addresses thanks to his access to California motor vehicle records. Their spying efforts proved to be part of a much larger intelligence gathering operation that targeted some 12,000 individuals and more than 600 left-of-center organizations in northern California. After the first flurry of publicity, the ADL's spin doctors successfully kept the story from receiving the national coverage that the situation warranted. But the story hasn't gone away. Last November the California Court of Appeals handed down a decision that paves the way for a major test later this year of the ADL's penchant for spying on its enemies. It was the most significant episode in a slow-moving class-action case filed in 1993 by 19 pro-Palestinian and antiapartheid activists who claim to be victims of the ADL's snooping operations. The plaintiffs say they were illegally spied on by Bullock, then considered the ADL's top "fact-finder" by his now deceased chief, Irwin Suall, and that such spying constituted an invasion of privacy under the provisions of the California Constitution."2


          On rare occasions, individuals who have been subjected to negative publicity by the Anti-Defamation League have won court cases against the ADL for defamation of character and invasion of privacy as a result of spying. In the case of the Quigleys, a couple living in the suburb of Evergreen, Colorado, the jurors in the case awarded them $10.5 million in damages. The Quigleys had been called anti-Semites by the ADL and subjected to spying by both their Jewish neighbors and the ADL itself. The Institute for Historical Review, in its article entitled "Anti-Defamation League Suffers Major Legal Defeat" it says: "At a 1994 news conference, the ADL had accused the Quigleys, a couple in the Denver suburb of Evergreen, of perpetrating the worst anti-Semitic incident in the area in ten years. The ADL accused them of launching a campaign against their Jewish neighbors, Mitchell and Candace Aronson, to run them out of town and threatening to commit acts such as painting over doors on their neighbors' home. Concluding a four-week trial, the jury found that more than 40 statements by Saul F. Rosenthal, director of the ADL's Mountain States chapter, were defamatory and "not substantially true."3


          Former congressman, Pete McCloskey, was another victim of the ADL's spy/smear campaign. In a case between Mr. McCloskey and the ADL, the jury decided that the ADL had violated Mr. McCloskey's rights and awarded him $150,000. According to an article written by Barbara Ferguson of the Arab News dated April 25, 2002, it says: "The lawsuit came after raids were made by the San Francisco Police Department and the FBI on offices of the ADL in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, which found that the ADL was engaged in extensive domestic spying operations on a vast number of individuals and institutions around the country. During the course of the inquiry in San Francisco, the SFPD and FBI determined the ADL had computerized files on nearly 10,000 people across the country, and that more than 75 percent of the information had been illegally obtained from police, FBI files and state drivers’ license data banks."4


          Unlike ethnic groups like the Satmar and Hasidic Jews who are not readily open to outsiders, African Americans tend to be open to strangers. African diasporal neighborhoods are filled with businesses from diverse ethnic backgrounds -- Italian, Dominican, Korean, Chinese, Greek, Middle Eastern and yes, Jewish. Our openness places us in the position of being infiltrated by individuals who do not have our best interest at heart.


          It is unhealthy to have a relationship with any entity whose members engage in activities that disparages one's existence or even violates one's rights. Sadly, this is the relationship that Africans have with the European Jewish community. There are many European Jews who share a love of justice with Africans and want to see African people treated fairly. But when all is said and done, those same Jews will maintain their silence about any violation of an African's right if it means exposing the immoral or illegal actions of a member of their own group.


          Africans must realize that since there are very few Jewish organizations that have our best interests at heart, Africans must exercise restraint regarding what information we share with these organizations and caution with whom we choose as friends.


          A known situation were Jewish organizations like the Anti-Defamation League can (and probably will) engage in spying against Africans is at protests and rallies. Africans leave themselves open to be spied on by organizations bent on portraying Africans as criminals. Sometimes it is better to engage in the enforcement of our rights behind closed doors -- where it becomes more feasible to identify those individuals who are legitimately associated with the African struggle, and even more importantly, to perform necessary background checks on these individuals to ensure that those involved in the African struggle with us are not spies.


          This is not intended to erode any attempts between the European Jewish and African communities, but ask yourself: Why should I make the details of my life known to them when they are not making the details of their lives known to me?


          In Matthew 10:16 Jesus left an important message that the African diasporal community would do well to obey: "Look! I am sending you forth as sheep amidst wolves; therefore, prove yourselves cautious as serpents and yet innocent as doves."

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